Our Equality statement
Picture of Eastfield Equality Daisy

Eastfield and Westfield are set in a richly diverse community which provides many learning opportunities, including the opportunity to learn about and respect one another.  

Our community includes different ethnic groups, a range of cultures, languages and religious beliefs. We have different types of families, children and people who are disabled and those who are not. 

We believe it is essential that children learn to respect one another and our schools have a legal duty, under the 2010 Equality Act, to do everything we can to make this happen. 

There are very few incidents of prejudice and intolerance in our schools. However, it is important that parents and corers understand how we will deal with any such incidents. 

‘Prejudice-related’ behaviour refers to a range of hurtful behaviour, physical or
emotional or both, which causes someone to feel powerless or left out, and which is connected with prejudices around belonging, identity and equality in wider society – in particular, prejudices to do with:
disabilities and special educational needs
ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds
home life, for example in relation to issues of care, parental occupation, poverty and social class
sexual identity

Prejudice-related incidents are treated very seriously as their impact is damaging to those involved as well as damaging to our community. We will investigate, record and report all incidents, including those that are reported to be unintentional. 

Our Targets

1. We will use electronic communications to improve engagement with all households.  

2. We will deliver high quality PE and opportunities to enjoy physical activity for all groups. 

3. More able pupils will have opportunities to work together and activities planned just for them.

4. We will develop team and leadership skills though solving  problems across the curriculum 

5. We will promote girls to see themselves as successful mathematicians and we will narrow the gap between girls and  boys 

6. We will enthuse boys to become successful creative writers narrowing the gap with girls

7. Children of Pakistani heritage will  achieve as well as their peers 

8. We will train all staff to identify and support specific needs early so that individuals achieve as well as they can.

9. Highest levels of attendance and punctuality will be promoted for all. 

10. We will promote a sense of shared belonging in our school and our school community for all families whatever their ethnicity.

11. We will promote access to clubs for boys and girls in low income households.

12. Events of bullying will be minimised  through the help  of our  school  council.

13. Enjoyment of reading is part of everyday at Eastfield 

14. Everyone is a singer at Eastfield! E.A.S.E.