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Vision and Values

Our Vision

Eastfield children and adults develop a life-long love of learning, within a safe and stimulating environment. We are a supportive community, where individuality is celebrated and valued. Through challenge and high expectations we achieve success and fulfilment.

Eastfield Aims

To provide strong and supportive links between home, school and the wider community

To provide a wide range of opportunities for learning that motivate and inspire

We aim to provide a rich and stimulating curriculum which enables children to make links in their learning in order to deepen their knowledge and understanding

Through a child centred approach to our teaching, we will personalise our lessons for all styles of learning

Through quality training of our staff we will ensure that our practice is of a high quality

We will have a high expectation of behaviour from all within our community through clear and consistent systems

We provide an emotionally safe environment for pupils to learn in which the adults and supportive and vigilant in all aspects of safeguarding

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Lisa Valla