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How do children learn at Eastfield?

Our curriculum is divided into two stages:
  •  Early Years - Nursery and  Reception
  •  Key Stage 1 - Years One and Two

The Early Years

The Early Years curriculum is organised into seven areas of learning:

3 Prime Areas (Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development) and 4 Specific Areas ( Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design)

Nursery and Reception follow a three-year rolling programme of half-termly topics and children are actively involved in the planning process. 

The carefully planned learning activities that we provide support children to learn in one or several areas of learning at the same time; for example children develop their physical coordination skills whilst being creative. We have a dedicated outdoor area in both our Nursery and Reception areas.  Children learn in all areas of the curriculum outdoors as well as inside.

Key Stage 1

For children in Years One and Two the curriculum includes: 

Art and design
Design and technology
Information communication technology


Physical education
Personal social health and citizenship education  
Religious education


Our approach to learning is to teach much of our programme through topics. These are chosen to be exciting to both boys and girls.  Learning through topics enables us to teach skills in an interesting way and to make links between the content of different subjects.  Children could sometimes be practicing their mathematics during a science lesson or learning history through their literacy. 

Each half term we have a new topic and at the outset we encourage children to think about what they already know and what more they would like to know in each topic area. Wherever possible the experiences offered to the children are first hand in nature. Therefore materials, visits and visitors to support the topic are very important in our approach. We not only display children's work but also objects and books they may bring from home. These help stimulate their quest for knowledge.

We arrange visits out to support topic work from time to time during the school year. If we have to pay an entrance fee or book a coach the cost, where necessary is passed on to parents/carers in the form of a voluntary contribution. If you are unable to make a contribution then please let us know and we may be able to help. Provided we have sufficient contributions then the visit will go ahead.

Within each topic the learning objectives and activities are adapted and differentiated according to children's ability and next steps in learning.  Listed below is the two year rolling programme for each key stage team. The medium term planning documents are available through the links in the table below are differentiated for Nursery (N) and Reception (R):

Foundation Stage two-year rolling programme (Fox, Squirrel, Mouse, Rabbit classes)
Autumn 1
Autumn 2
Spring 1
Spring 2
Summer 1
Summer 2
Year 2010-11
All About Me
Hot and Cold
Year 2011-12
Size Matters
Going on a Journey
Water, Water Everywhere
Year 2012-13 We are Special (R)
Let's Dress Up (R)  Let's Find Out(R)   (N)
 Let's Build it
(R)     (N)
 Onwards and Upwards
R           N
 Lets Discover
R           N
Year 2013-14
Magical Me (N)
Environments and me(N)(Y1)(R)
At the Bottom of the garden
Key Stage 1 two-year rolling programme (Owl, Hedgehog, Badger, Otter, Raccoon classes)
Autumn 1
Autumn 2
Spring 1
Spring 2
Summer 1
Summer 2
Year 2010-11
Year 2011-12
Year 2012-13 Jurassic Forest  Global Farming  1666  Seaside
Year 2013-14
Curious Castles

Pupil Premium

All schools have an obligation to report on how Pupil Premium is spent.  Please click here to find out how Eastfield spends their premium.

Eastfield Values

Along with the knowledge and skills that we teach, our school values are very important in supporting learning.  The Eastfield values have been chosen by the children, teachers and governors and underpin how we behave towards each other. Our five values are; be respectful, honest, safe, cooperative and responsible. 

School Targets

We plan our targets carefully with all groups of our children in mind. They are displayed on a giant sunflower just inside the front hall.  You can also click the photo to see them on line. We would like your thoughts on these and invite you to place your comments in the box in the foyer.

School targets display

Collective Worship

This is set within the context of "assemblies". We are proud of the diversity of our school community and hold assemblies that reflect and celebrate the traditions of the school and wider community. Every effort is made to show sensitivity towards personal faiths and to include all pupils and staff in collective worship. A parent may make a request for their children to be wholly or partly excused from attendance at religious worship at school.


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Articulation of phonics (2MB)

Documents - please click to open

pdf.gif: Mini Beasts MT for Parents1

Mini Beasts MT for Parents1

File size: 269KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Environments and Me Parent overview

Environments and Me Parent overview

File size: 143KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Environments and Me Parent overview Nursery

Environments and Me Parent overview Nursery

File size: 143KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Space MT for Parents KS1

Space MT for Parents KS1

File size: 189KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Parent Overview - Nursery 2013

Parent Overview - Nursery 2013

File size: 205KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Mouse Y1 parent overview

Mouse Y1 parent overview

File size: 208KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Pupil Premium Funding 2013-14

Pupil Premium Funding 2013-14

File size: 70KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Magical Me Parent overview _2_

Magical Me Parent overview _2_

File size: 695KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Castles MT for Parents

Castles MT for Parents

File size: 327KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: 'Magical Me' Overview - Nursery

'Magical Me' Overview - Nursery

File size: 77KB (PDF File)

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