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e-safety in school

What we do in school - Lessons

Online Safety is embedded across our curriculum wherever it is appropriate to do so. Whenever a digital device is used, age appropriate Online Safety will be taught alongside it, always helping children to learn how to behave safely and responsibly online.

What we do in school - Security

We have several systems in place to protect all members of our school community


We use a specialist educational internet filtering system supported by Cambridgeshire County Council, to help protect our school community from illegal and dubious content.

Active Monitoring

We use active monitoring software, so we can protect our community from content that may slip through any filters we have in place, as no filter is ever 100% perfect. It also allows us to make sure that we catch any issues of cyberbullying, radicialisation or even simple internet searches for issues that may be affecting our community.


Whilst teaching children how to use e-mail, we use a system which only allows them to contact other children at Eastfield and which can be monitored by staff.